Wednesday, January 30, 2008


If u remember my posting about Manolo's for Men, i came across a website that commented and surprisingly read my blog. Here's a copy of their article..

Manolo Blahnik's Men's Shoe Collection

The six-piece footwear collection incorporates bright blues, reds and greens and provides a new twist on the classic Oxford shoe, with open heels and toes. But "It's not a big collection," reflects the designer.

So far his first men’s collection after an absence of nearly a decade has brought a mixed reception. A blogger named "The Gentleman’s Style" on refers to them as “Rubbish,” the stuff to “give you nightmares..It’s like a confused cross dresser.” However, refers to the collection as “irresistible models.”

Recently featured in, "You've Got Mail," the small men’s collection includes Kelly, a red suede Oxford brogue, a blue open-toed suede sling back (the Afiyet) and leopard print sandal called the Bir.

Refering to Blahnik’s new blue open-toed slingback, ABC News article, “Man-olo Blahnik's Probably Aren't for Most Men,” raises the question whether red blooded American men would actually wear them. “In a land where pink shirts and hair wax have only recently become acceptable, where some people still think metrosexual means homosexual, blue suede slingbacks and leopard print sandals are about as likely to catch on as men's eyeliner and the murse (men's purse).”

Mr Manolo Blahnik

Hmm..i didnt know that i could be that influential..and apologies to Mr Manolo..its all in my honest opinion..seriously..change those bloody sissy design and suit the gentleman's world..trying to experiment on mens fashion and twisting it to look feminine is not a bonus..we men dont follow the ladies..the ladies follow us men..


Girls can wear jeans
And cut their hair short
Wear shirts and boots
'Cause it's OK to be a boy
But for a boy to look like a girl is degrading


Thats how the world not being sexist or anything here..if there's a sissy men crossing a road, he'll be a joke to everyone..but when a butch lesbian walks by, she represents strength and power..coz she looks like 'dont mess with me' kinda thang..

Am i right?