Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Designer Mobile Phones

Get a load of these boys..

In the coming months, it is predicted that fashion designers will further invade the cell phone industry. As there is now more demand for stylish phones from mobile consumers, it could mean big opportunities for leading fashion giants. These are all the new gentleman toys for the year 2008.

In the past months we’ve seen the mergence of top fashion designers and retail brands with mobile companies. Here are the nominees..

Giorgio Armani for Samsung

Ted Baker for HTC

Ted baker for Samsung

Prada for LG

Dolce & Gabbana for Motorola

Versus by Versace for Samsung

There are also reports going on that Dior, Gucci and Swarovski will hop into the designer phone bandwagon soon.

Also a new discovery of the Playstation Phone..Deep in the bowels of Sony, some engineers are creating gizmos so we can play games and make phone calls and take pictures and listen to MP3 all on one device. Here’s the photographic “evidence” that someday this Sony Ericson PSP PlayStation, Portable, Phone, will be in your hands.

Playstation Phone