Saturday, January 12, 2008

Orgasm of an OCPD

If u read my blog entry titled OCPD (Obsessive Compulsive Personality Disorder), i was performing my usual ritual of 'organising' and 'arranging' of stuff. This time was perfecting some of the areas in my home..i know some of the people i know already knew about these things i do, which is on a daily are the things to share..

My bed..As i i cant sleep on an unmade bed..

My dressing table..habukless always..

My accessories dressing tool box where i store my watches, accessories & beauty regime gadgets

My color coordinated wardrobe. Shoes stored with matching belts in between for ease.

and my proud kitchen cabinet storage. u shud see my tool box. so nicely arrange okaay..

Its just an extreme ORGASM to perform all these daily..i dunno why..but the feeling is just absolutely..WONDERFUL..

I attended a frens late mother funeral last weekend. As i was at the grave watching the guys filling earth into the grave, they missed several spot of earth and left spots of earth laying around. Honestly, it disturbed me so much thinking they missed those pieces of earth & my brain automatically gave me a reflex of wanting so much to take that gravel of their hands and just wished i could scrap that piece of earth into the grave so that my mind would be at peace and achieve that 'satisfaction' i was craving for inside me. I was screaming inside my head saying "Get that small pieces of earth in!!!! Oh my gaaawwwddd!!!"

I know its sick and im at a funeral..but it just bothers me..but i manage to let it go after a while.