Saturday, June 24, 2006


It is not an easy task to find a true loved ones..from best frens, to finding a nice all takes pressure & loads of stress to ensure each individual in your life would make u happy..

But out of all the issues & problems encountered by me in the process, LIYING wud be the greatest turn off EVER..well, probably there wud be 2 categories, a small lie, & a BIG lie..

The current date that im with, is on its way to expiry (please read blog "expiry date" to understand of term). It was nice at the start..bit bumpy in the middle..then too much hidden agenda around..too much secrets unveiled..lalala..i then did my own personal investigation..

and only to know..he's attached..FBW...these kind of people shoud be thought a nasty lesson.bcoz they play around with your feelings..

when people are in love or too much attraction going on, u tend to forget & ignore the signs..i dunno about all of u out there..but im always blind..i thought i was smart, well, there others who are smarter...

The last love i had ended year 2005..till today, i've yet to find a replacement...bcoz its impossible to find a good one with chemistry ever flowing..someone that fits the shoe..

Someone that..
Would never cross my mind..bcoz he's always on my mind..

Someone that..

I never liked him ..because I loved him.
Someone that..
I don't want him ..because I needed him.
Someone that..
I wouldn't cry if he left.. because I would have died if he left.
Someone that..
I wouldn't live for him..because I would die for him.
Someone that..
I'm not willing to do anything for him ..because I would do everything for him.
Someone that..
I would chose my life..because he is my life.

Sounds impossible to some of you, but bare with me..

I got it once..

But i let him go..

Because then again..

He was a liar also..

Until today i still feel the same..

Even knowing the facts & to face the sorrow..

No matter how hurt it made me be..

But my love for him is still there tomorrow..

....When u get this feeling..u found love...