Friday, August 4, 2006

P.E.N.A.T (Perasaan Entah Nak Atau Tidak)

Even typing those letters gave me a tiring feeling (I even exhaled deeply). Penat kan? Aziz granted me with the title Drama Queen of the Month for 2 consecutive months in a row. My drama was overshadowing his, daily.

Have u gone out dating & thinking what the hell are you up to and what the hell does he want with you? Its like, am I dating? Or am I just hallucinating that im actually really dating this person? Just because there was attention & care surrounding it, does that make you on a date?

People like me have just turn out cuckoo because im out dating too much or like what aziz said, theres no resting point for me. It kept on going on..and on..and desperation to be silly.

The thing is, I like the term "Move On"..Im not going to sit down & be sad about the things that didnt work out with the other guy. I would be sad, no doubt, bitch about it with the rest and Ill go "whatever" U wanna keep intouch, im all ok..If not, im in no loss either..ive gotten immune with this and tend to behave a bit certain about what I want..

At some point, u will tend to compare & trying to unite all the best qualities from the guys you've dated into one..and that would be your mr right..but then again, thats so berangan lah..nobodys perfect..u win some, u loose some..but so penat lah..

I dont know whats wrong on my side..but I tolerate a lot on others. Such as:

- bad dandruff on collar that it seemed to be snowing in KL. No watch shampoo ad on tv ah?

- walking faster than me & made me talk to myself all the time & resolve the issue by myself. Pathetic.

- bad breath. I even carry sweets when im out dating. To forgo ciggarate smell..effort people!

- taking all the time in the world..not punctual.

- short sms reply like "yes", "no", "dah", and most irritating, "k" as in ok.When I indeed sent lengthy sms's.

Well, yesterday on the messenger, Aziz irritatingly counted all the candidates or potential soulmate search conducted by myself throughout 2006 till today..I just realize, theyre all amazingly penat..

Most of them are all Penateers. All unsure about themselves and weather to proceed or not.What shall we do when we're dating a Penateer? Pemalu lah..Jual mahal lah..U call me first lah, then I call back in return tomorrow lah..What THE hell???I DONT HAVE all the time in the world to wait for you..Under depression & needed time alone for god knows how long lah..whats this?? I thot since im into mature elder men, I could get quality and maturity from them..Gawd..some are just being little sisters of mine.Not even if u could afford to buy me a Convertible Beetle as a gift or take me & frens overseas just for the sake of spending time with me undercover..Whats all this?? Penat kan?

A penateers existence in your life may take some time for them to totally disappear..because they would always come back trying..If u experience a Penat fella, tell them ur Letih (Lelaki emosi terurus ingin hasil)..Good one.