Monday, August 21, 2006

Clubbing & Wedding

Last weekend was tiring & pathetic..i had so many things done in a day, so many places went, and bla bla..

Woke up at about 10.30am on saturday..vacumed & cleaned the house (as my usual ritual of cant tolerate even a slight partical of dust floating in the premise)..later had to buy paint stuff for the new place as im too lazy to paint the house myself (it'll take ages for me to finish due to my obssesive compulsive behaviour thinking that i must have missed a spot somewhere and kept on painting..and painting..and painting). went to the hardware with mady to get the tools. Was at Ace Hardware(its like a designer hardware shop with organizedly arrannged tools with aircond and prices were 20 percent higher from the apek hardware shop where its all smelly & a nicely dressed chap wud just be an easy target to be cheated) and got the things i needed. Got ourselves lunch at Ayamas, a whole chicken as we were starving. Head to hedy's and stuffed ourselves.

As evening rose, we decided to hv a little fun tonite. Clubbing perhaps, at O'range. I got all ready & dressed up & even waited excitedly at the door for hedy & raha to come get me. I heard the sms beep (thinking it was frm hedy saying "turun!") and read it to my shock, they canceled. With my ego shooting sky high, i insisted hedy to come get me & lend me his car for me to still enjoy the nite out. ALONE. With full of anger & tantrum, i drove to the club. Called Andre to check out where he was. He was a life saver, as always..he was at O'range with gang.

I didnt get much fun at the club as they were playing lousy music all nite long..Pussycat Dolls "Buttons" were repeated 3 times..That song shud now be called Pussycat Dulls it made most of us there just stood still or rather head to get a seat..having a DJ who just sits there & put on a CD, i sad.

The peak of the nite was when Glitters came out to perform. They did a mimick of Feminin & Res2 from the 90's..I thot they were brilliant. They also performed Loose My Breath by Destiny's Child like the video. It was entertaining & all the effort they put in for it, I solute..As our fun & ONLY entertainment was about to put us back into misery land, the music was on the air again playing..u guessed it "Buttons"..

After pretentiously enjoying the music and thinking that my mind couldnt bear with it anymore, i decided to make a move & head home..The end of Saturday..

Sunday begins, waking up at 11.00am..showered & hedy decide he wanted to jalan2..we head straight to Headqueerters (KLCC), dressed in our sunday attire. A polo tee with shorts & sliped on my overpriced Prada sandles that i specifically bought for weekend use and would wipe it clean when im done and place them in their luxury box to rest..thinking that i could bear with a lousy top & unfortunate lookin shorts, but my feet needs luxury always..

I was hunting for new bed sheets. Since im moving and having a whole new environment & space, i thot the color of my sheets shud blend in with the room. Hedy was whining that im taking too long analyzing sheets by the strands and thinking that im about to waste almost RM200 on sheets. I was going with the earthly color concept. Head over to Aussino, they were on sale and got myself 3 sets of queen sheets for a mere RM135! Hope it all turns out fantastic with the room.

I had a wedding to attend later in the evening with Raha at Concorde Shah Alam. Our fren was the bride, a 35 yo lady who tried to turn me straight 2 years back and asked me out. I am OUT! She even offered me an intimate moment together with her if i wanted. Well, obviosly i rejected the offer and had to kill her effort of trying to get me load her vessel. I wonder what it feels like to be loaded? Mind you..i upload..not download..I wonder how it feels like? Since im more of a pro at blowing guns & a sharp shooter in the bat cave..I'm sticking to Batman, not Wonder Women, at this moment of time. Anyhow, she got herself a not so bad lookin chap to down-load her for life..I hope she's happy.

At the wedding, the eldest brother decided to make a speech. Bald with a songkok on, he mumbled 5 mins of introductory words and then...BAM! It was all about HIM.Seemed that he's got this sickness (Lukemia) and he had to tell the entire guest at the all red and brown colored hall that he's sick. He said griefly that he was sad and pity his children & family, that soon, he would be dead. And this all happened at a wedding! Speaking of stealing thunder! Its a wedding for gawd's sake! Not on Death Row! I know that you're dying or your whatever things is wrong in your system, and left with god knows how long to live, but its your little sister's WEDDING! Its a time for celebration, for HER, not YOU! I could hear the other table sobbing and tears was everywhere. I was all annoyed with his speech that i thought this should be a post funeral party for him. Least he got to see face expression and tears of his loved ones, or in this case, public. Pathetic.

I hated weddings since adam & eve got together..i hate the fact that i had to stare at the screen for the show(using powerpoint) of how the couples met and end up in they each grew up and how they met..ya..ya! ur in love and gotten happy for you, but i dont want to suffocate my inner self by watching you guys happy..i am happy for you guys, but with limitations as my emotion is unstable to handle such tremendous affection..its a tragedy for me.

I had to just call my bitching fren, Aziz & told him about it. Raha & i then head back home & bitched about it more in the car & let out all our ideas and comments till we ran out of curse and words to say.

Got home, got into my pajammas (i wear baju melayu to sleep ok) and held on to the novel i read nitely..till i was all sleepy & dreamed away..