Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Flash back....

hmm..its been a while since i wrote.well, i've been extremely bz.catching up datelines which i will never catch & never will i finish the said work.its a pathethic final accounts of several subcontractors, who even offered me duit raya if i were to speed up their accounts.It would definitely help me settle some bills..but then again, its unethical, or the proper phrase, its UNISLAMIC PEOPLE!!..for the fact that i studied in UIA..& work for Tabung Haji..what r the odds??My first lady boss is harrassing me of when will i settle them..Like i care?? Appraisal day was last week. I scored a 12 out of 14, & 14 is the minimum score.How can they evaluate me out of 3 months of me being here? whatever..

To my surprise, my previous dates called to keep intouch with me back..i thot it was just a friendly gesture, since after all, its ramadhan.Well, at some point, its not just keeping intouch, there were some weird moments. One of them was when, the word 'sayang', which the person used to call me when we were dating, came out accidentally, twice on the same day! When we were in the middle of a conversation..To express unsatisfactory of my statement..Instead of saying..whatever 'Ezwan' came out..whatever 'sayang' Hmm..Well, then i paused for a moment..Flashback of the times we had.It was sweet & nice to hear that particular word comin from someone..when someone really meant it..I know ur clapping ur hands Lee.Adly is so encouraging me, and stop it! But again..its an expiry date remember?It expired already..Just left the remainings that no longer good for me..But that wouldn't stop me from still looking at it once in a while would it?I dun think rotten food could be recooked again..could it? well..i dunno..Again..its not all that rotten i think..hmm..probably like when ur food spilled out frm ur plate onto the table.U either leave it there or u scoop it up back into ur plate..Ok tak?

I was so stress with work & also some things on my mind previously..I even skipped puasa, not for food, but for a dose of nicotine..I haven't been a good boy this ramadhan..To my surprise, ramadhan is comin to its end already..I used to recite the Holy Quran every year, everyday of the ramadhan month.But i didnt do it this year.Thats weird of me.Im not all that goodie, but since Satan are all tied up, it does give a big impact on my daily routine, i tend to be better usually.Hmm..

My ex from Taiping, S, also called to wish selamat hari raya..I haven't heard since 3 years first love...distance kept us apart...but understood me best..our birthdays are just 1 day apart.Previously, on our birthdays, when it strikes midnite, one special day ends for someone, one special day begins for someone.. It was really nice..I always wanted to meet up, but S always made reasons not to, for the past 4 years.Distance, work & etc..But the truth, it was more on feelings & emotions..Its just hurting when the feeling starts to get attached again when we see each other, but more on S part..But then, to my suprise, after the phone call, S wants to come down KL!! But to my surprise, why this year? why not last year? or the year before that? Anyway,told Wanie about it. Wanie & Hedy was all excited to get to see the package of 'see no touch or u get canning from ezwan' product from Taiping..It is a drooling view to look at..hehe..Im all excited as the same time..worried. S is full of surprises..Said got a big news to break..Im wondering what would that be..Marriage? Moving to KL? Promoted? I wouldn't want to think about it now..

Anyhow, thats all for now..