Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Expiry "Date"

I believe everyone experienced going out for dates, getting to know a person..nice dinner a movie..gigling and laughing at each others silly jokes, trying to touch each other but in an accidental manner..'whatever' and finally, if you're lucky, DESSERT for supper..

How long usually a person would take to know some1? How long wud the dating game shoud last? What if the person ur getting to know is so ready to have you as his or her companion, whilst ur not ready and still require time to get to know him or her? Have any of you experienced a 2 week period before expiration? It all ends up after 14 days..Its like a voice from the horror movie (I forgot what the title is), when u watch a videotape and u get a phone call, saying S.E.V.E.N D.A.Y.S...In this case..its F.O.R.T.E.E.N D.A.A.Y.S...

The person ur interested and seeing wud be the so called horror tape ur watching..and a voice wud appear in ur mind saying FORTEEN DAYS...Bloody hell..

People say that u wud only know the real true individual after 3 weeks of knowing each other..the first week is total bullshit..believe me people..Its all shitty love and trying hard to get you..With all the praises, butterflies in the stomach..well, its only natural..its part of being human i guess..

How wud u get to know such person when ur Expiration DATE only allows u 2 weeks? I assume most of you have been in a situation when, during dating times, everything is wonderful n colorful, but after you're a couple, give it 8 months, u see the true colors of him or her n figuring how to escape from the cage.

Lovable and truthful, filled with the attention u needed, caring and calls u 10 times a day, and out of sudden..Doors slowly shuts. Do u question, where is that wonderful person that i knew before? As i said before, the first 3 weeks is all drama people..Dun Trust Them..Take ur time and never allow others to push u..Take this example, they're starting to run after the 2nd day, ur still walking n taking ur time..They take ur hand and seek u to run together with them..DONT RUN WITH THEM! Your Prada heels or Gucci dress shoes are not made to run! If you do, what if u run full speed, and suddenly they stopped running? Not even jogging before they stop, like, stop STOP? Ur in full speed and u cant stop running..thats when ur in trouble..At the end, u'll be running alone..

Im not saying that every date wud turn out shitty like some of us experience. I envy my frens who have companions for years and still growing strong..they were meant to be together..some of us maybe take longer time to find ours..patience..never give up and believe that there's some1 out there for you and me..Never consume words coming from others thinking that ur just in for a ride, rebound, or just sleeping around..U know what u want..Thats important..

Take ur time..It wont hurt u that much if things dont work out..Ur still in the safe zone..To hell with them who rush you and thinks that you're the goddess they've been waiting for..coz first of all, neither of us are goddess..for gods sake! I know its nice and good to hear that from a stranger, but i wud prefer to hear that coming from frens who i've known for years..If they say ur a goddess..U ARE A GODDESS!! Its more sincere and u've known them all these years..

Be prepared..face the world..Its a shitty world out there..with the assholes surrounding careful..Hold on to your best buddies..they're the ones who wud stay with u longer than others..they are ur true companions..for l