Wednesday, June 21, 2006

BIMBO Moment

Well, its been so long since the last time i wrote here..I've been extremely busy with work. As if there r people out there that read my blog religiously, like its that interesting.anyhow, whatever..

Im here to share of what Aziz, Lee, Neyna & Syook call BIMBO Moment.I believe everybody has experience this before, but it all depends on the level of extreme bimboness ur born with. im here to share mine.

Bimbo Moment no.1:

I was in a meeting with subcontractors several months back with my second boss together in the meeting room. We were arguing issues about claims & out of sudden, my boss said;

"Ezwan, pegi amik specs atas meja"

I got off my chair, and went to his cubicle to get the 'specs' he required. I then took his specticles, went back in the meeting room and with full politeness, handed over his glasses thinking that he needed it to read. He wears contacts at times though.When i handed his glasses, he's faced changed & said;

"Lah..aku nak Specification (short term for it is call SPECS) bukan cermin mata aku!" All cosntruction people shud know this term as its widely used like the word 'Me'.

The whole room burst with laughter & i was so embarrased that it felt like i was walking with my undies around them..only gawd knows what it felt like..But then, u cant blame me for it rite? he did say 'specs' which my brains responded to spectacles and not specifications due to a brain memory function that responds faster on fashion products rather than intellectual i sad or what..

Bimbo Moment 2:

I was in a meeting room discussing about our tender agreement with our partners. I was suppose to chair the meeting bcoz my second boss is away for haj. I managed to do it halfway & just couldnt believe what im saying to this strangers who's interested in a project that i single handedly managed the calculation & that i wud say, a bit nonsense here & there. well, contractors do cheat u know. anyhow, thats not the issue. Then later my General Manager came in to the rescue and took over on explaining the real stuff. Our partners made copies of their calculation and specifically said to me earlier;

"Thats your copy, we have ours"

After discussion ends, the copy of the calculation is still in my GM hands.He then sat down resting his back on the chair in a very relaxed manner, put the calculation on the table in a distance of 65cm(im actually measuring this on my table now to be precise) next to me while his hand on his head and said;

"Wan,gi buat kopi"

I then went all huh? But to maintain intelligence & poist, i stood up, took the calculation and went straight out the meeting room in blurrness..

Now, let me tell u the scenario around here during that particular moment.

1) The makcik buat kopi is off today i dunno why. gi interview agaknya..

2) The partners did say that the particular calculation is our copy.

Now, does he want me to make kopi(as in coffee, but he said it like 'kopi')?since the tea lady is on leave today & we've been discussing for so long that i cud see some of us are sleepy.

Or..Does he want me to make copy(as in the calculation copy which is irrelevant bcoz we already have one)

I was all huh?? I went over to my mates cubicle and seek their advice on what he really wanted. They were also blurr and both demands cud be true. I went..hmm..

Not wanting to get the second Bimbo Moment, i dared myself to go to him in the meeting room to seek conformation.

"Sir, u wanted me to make kopi?(using my fingers in a stirring motion) or u wanted me to make copy?(pointing the calculations i held in my hand). I cud felt my blood rushing towards my head when his faced turned bit unfortunate and manage to grab a 17 pages of A4 sized paper infront of him and sort of threw it to my well ironed shirt hitting my chest! He then said;

"Copy lah! Photocopy! Nak suruh buat kopi apahal??"

He said it anger but i cud see, AGAIN, sarcastic gigles around me coming from the partners and it reminded me again of the previous situation faced(pls refer Bimbo Moment 1) & thinking that i was so...BIMBO..

I couldnt help it but to dash out of the meeting room & to my surprise, i wasnt embarrased, but i laughed my way out & had my ultimate laughter at the photocopier room. But my hands were shaking when i made the copies. I then took the copies & went back into the meeting room, put it infront of him, and faced down the whole time. Not wanting to look at the partners face that wud just make me...Laugh out loud!

He then said "Apa lah kau ni.." But his face was so angry. I thot that he felt I embarrased him or was fooling around with him infront of the partners..more like..not respecting him..but that wasnt my was all ME..and my BIMBO Moment..
To others, please be careful when u experience such scenario, especially when it involves ur future. there's no warning to it & any type of response from parties at present may cause worse memory damage to ur brains due to the giggles & laughter & also ur self other words, it gets worse after a cud repeat again..and u'll never know when it struck you...s..c..a..r...r..y...