Wednesday, June 21, 2006

The face of "Stopping Traffic"

Do u know when people say "Stopping Traffic"? when a billboard or a poster with a fabulously sexy pose along the highway and drivers tend to slow down to take a peek of it? Like the sexy Calvin Klien add or the Victoria Secret.well,thats what im goin to share with people here today, but mine is pathetic.

Was suppose to collect documents at a clients office today, so i thot to wake up a bit late & go from home.left the house at 10am, head for Sg Buloh and to my surprise, it was hell of bunch of documents & drawings. got the client to sign "received" on the office letter for the huge amount of check that i passed to him, afraid that office might think i songlap the money or something like that took me a while to get into the car, my hands were full with the dictionary thick like documents & multiple rolls of drawings. after i manage, head str8 back to the office.

i parked my car opposite the office tower at a futsal area(coz parking in the building is ridiculously expensive & only perdana cars & above park in there). thinking how the hell am i going to carry all these documents & drawings. i said to myself "be smart & u can manage them all the way up to the office. i held on left hand the drawings which is outrageously heavy, on rite hand the overly thick tender documents & also, in a clear folder, the letter signed by the client "received check". it was also suppose to be proof that i was out from the office to collect those stuff & not out merewang, like i always do meeting lah, gi bank lah..go site office lah..instead i was at Factory Outlet Bkt Bintang finding bargain & discounted office or casual shirt that looked like a $500 designer shirt.anyway, thats not the point..

as i manage to held all the papers in both my hands, i had to cross the bz road.road seemed clear, wind was blowing strong ...THEN! the signed "received" paper got BLOWN AWAY!! IN THE MIDDLE OF THE BLOODY ROAD! the wind kept on blowing. i was extremely shocked & the first thing on my mind was "They're gonna know that i skipped work today!.thats my only proof that im a good employee!!" i then with full confidence place all papers held in hand by the side of the road kerb, and to my daring action (i cudnt think on anything else as i was so afraid of getting bash from my GM of not presenting that piece of paper), i crossed the road and STOPPED the traffic! FYI, there are 2 pieces of paper, one is on my side of the traffic, the other was ON THE OTHER SIDE!

first i had to stop my side, all the motorist stop, embarrasingly i bend down & pickup the paper while one hand was still on air hoping that they wudnt run over me.THEN, i stopped the other side traffic to pick up the other piece! basically, i STOPPED BOTH TRAFFIC! god knows how i felt & the things i would do for my career. i cud sense several motorist were giggling at me & i didnt look at them at all cause i felt so silly & nothing compared to this kind of embarrasment. this is not stopping traffic cause u look gorgeous on a billboard, its stopping traffic cause ur..dumb.

p/s: those who were at the crime scene, please forgive me for stopping ur journey a mere 4 just speechless..