Friday, May 11, 2007

Welcome to Qatar

It's been 5 days here in Qatar. Things seemed to be ok here. Surprisingly. I thot I was gona face a terrible god knows pathetic life here,instead, things were pretty good.

Well, there are some difficult moments, such as the house that im staying in. It's a huge 8 bedroom mansion, with a kitchen bigger than the entire Frangipani, merged into one floor area. The rooms are also huge which was just too big of a space for a single tenant. Well, whatever..the worse thing is, im staying ALONE!! Its like house on a haunted hill..its spooky & scary. Bloody hell..i had to even switch on the toilet lights to make the room bit deemer instead of total darkness. God knows how spooky it is here..but thank god, another fella just moved in from KL and make his way into my house.

He's this huge built fella, dressed like one of the Harley biker boys. He's fat, bald, janggut till his tummy, wears a head scarf, sunnies on top of his head and all the bling-blings on his wrist. He also has this chain bracelet bigger than the chains used in jail cells.

He's a complete package like what u see in the movies with notorious motorbikers. I find it fascinating to encounter such person in life, and to live with. I was imagining what he was wearing, and if it was on me..hmm..imagine Rosie O'Donald with a Chanel sunnies on the head, a Hermes scarf wrapped like Erikah Badu on the head (its so in right now), a diamond bracelet from Harry Winston for the ultimate bling & sparkle, a ring as huge as a KFC nugget on a finger with hoop diamond earrings and looking all gangster like. Well, I think..

I'll end up more like Boho chic than a gangster. It was just my imagination.

Eventho he looked all intimidating and dun mess with me kinda look, he was such a sweety. The first time I talked to him was during dinner infront of the TV. I was eating my moms serunding that I refused to bring with me previously thinking that its so typical of Malaysians traveling overseas to bring such food, but it helped me big time. We talked about family n stuff, then suddenly, he broke down & cried! I was like, omigosh, whats with him? From Mr Harley to sissy Barney?

Seemed that he missed his kids so much..its was sad..i pity sacrifice his family in order to earn tonnes of money and worse, to have that harley look with all those oversized chain bracelets, he has my highest sympathy..i tried to comfort him, by being all macho with a cigarette on my hand and bit lentik on my fingers and crossing my legs, said "well, its for the kids, ur doing it for them, ur promising them a better life back there"..i looked at his face and it amazed me of how long it took for his eyedrop to reach his jaw, in other words, there were too much pumped skin on his cheek area. It was like a retention pond waiting to overflow to the next level. im evil. I know...

Things were quiet suddenly. He was exhaling deeply to comfort & relax himself. We both did our own thing. I then switch on the pathetic TV, that provides all sorts of channels, from free porn (sadly hetero porns with sexy ladies with huge tities and koreking their pussy's while chatting on the phone with low life losers who calls them from home for a TV to phone sex) to Korean cooking channels. It's a cable TV. They also have Gay TV, but the shows and clips are sooo not gay. Its more like watching MTV Rewind with Ketchup Song and Baywatch with Pamela Anderson's boobs at B cup. In other words, its OLD. Its sad. They have the latest Gay TV as well, but not within subscription. Pathetic.

I couldn't take it anymore. Watching TV is a torture here. Luckily I have the complete entire season of Will & Grace for my daily entertainment. It was a gift from Raha. Least I could laugh at gay jokes. Also, the Fashion Babylon Book given by Andre & Aziz. I have two copies now. One here with me, to read during berry, the other in KL house also for berry purposes..

Well, that's the life here at the moment…im just starting....