Friday, May 11, 2007

Goodbye Qatar..Hello back KL!

My journey here in Qatar might end soon..after struggling for almost 3 months, i've decided to return home sweet home, my Kuala Lumpur..i just couldn't bare staying counting days to return back home..there were many issues that happen during my stay..well, its an experience that i will never forget..

Let me make it clear, to all you party boys & socialite wannabes, QATAR is NOT the place for you to work..believe me..unless u take along the whole batallion with u, then u'll be fine..sure its a good place to make money and earn tonnes working for almost 3 months is equivalent to 1 year of my salary when i was in KL! believe not kidding..but which one would you go for? money or life? im not saying that life here is all pathetic, some people are just unbearable with the life here.that includes me..i miss my parties, i miss my nite life, i miss my mamak session with pals..i miss my coffee.i miss my nasi lemak..and the list goes on..

My fren syalleh who works here, married with kids and wifey back in KL,who could survive, made a statement after i decided to leave for KL and go back to work with my old company..he said "So, if you leave & couldn't take life here, and we all could, that make us all losers? Who have no life and could survive here with not much entertainment"..

Well Syalleh, there's a mistake in your statement there..dont put me as a benchmark for a happening life.for me, u'r all winners..coz all of u guys, especially those who manage to stay for almost 3 years here, could bear with all the city tension and all the crap & fun the city gave you..i on the part, am the loser, to return back KL for just after 3 months of my stay..i solute to those who stayed longer..strong independent people..Its just not the place for me..i can do Dubai..but not Qatar..

Well, maybe there's a good thing behind all ex boss even e-mailed me asking how am i doing here? he said things were different when i left..his work went haywire, and to train the new unfashionable looking no eye brow plucking girls who just joined the company, was a terrible experience for him..he wanted back his old fashionista assistant who dresses better then the CEO himself and never wore the same outfit in the same month..if im willing to return..which is what i always wanted..

The HR gave me a good myself promoted and earn 3 times more than what i earned previously...its the bomb! i was so excited and felt blesssed to earn that much..alhamdulillah..i also got another offer from another company when i was in KL, but my ex office manage to counter their so happy..

Well, i looked at it on the bright side..if i hadn't come to Qatar, i wouldn't have earn what my ex office HR offered me & wouldn't have gotten promoted. i would have stayed there, earn a small pay and trying to save up money for my Prada & Gucci shoes, max out my credit card & complain every month that im short of cash..but the good side was, i was always happy..i always had enuf money to eat, i have FOS to shop for my office clothes, and still shop at Prada for my leather goods..well, not all the time.mind you..

With what is waiting for me in KL, im all excited to go back offer leter has been signed by the CEO and i'll be back to my old office sometime in May..where i belong..where i performed..where i was at my best..where i kick ass in what im doing!

Also, not forgetting, my loved ones that i left behind when i was away..3 months felt like 300 years here..i miss my family, Aziz, my 6 best frens, and everybody else..cant name them all..they all know who they are..

Well...the biggest loser will return back in KL Rizal, Deen, Syalleh, Rafie and the new guy i've been so great to me..all the things u guys did for me..will always remain in my heart..i dont know what i could have done without you guys by truly blessed and honored to know all of you..

To the South African guy i met at Corniche whom i bumped into and had no intention to cruise around that area coz i came with my housemates to buy fish. who plans to get into my pants by sms'ing me daily trying so hard to get me laid, well, i dont think thats gonna sexless nowadays...menopause probably! im good enuf with masturbation of once a week by watching porn or trying to imagine my previous unforgettable sex, but u were kind enuf to text me daily,even tho i knew what ur intention were..

I did get to now this new malaysian guy who i find interesting & charming and lead me to further want to get to know him, but also unsure of his sexuality, well..i dunno what to say..if it happens, it many uncertainties about you, and also, u will be back in KL soon..we have all the time in the world to get to know..even with ur plans to leave for Europe..well, maybe as frens..or maybe more..i just scared of all this r'ship thingy..time will tell..again, so many uncertainties..but i find u interesting..i have butterflies in my tummy when im with you..

For all you guys in KL, get ready..His Royal Bimboness is coming back to KL..either to color your life or to just make ur life miserable and give u i bloody care?

Tick tock tock tock...