Sunday, May 20, 2007

Happy Birthday Mum..*Part 1*

On the 19th May was the day my siblings and i celebrated our mom's 60th bday party. Originally we thot of having a kenduri at home an invite all relatives and close frens to join, but thot that the bday girl would have too work for the kenduri on the preparations. We then thot it wud be best to have it somewhere nice for her to relax and chill with the loved ones around her.
The venue took place at Kuala Lumpur Golf & Country Club (KLGCC). Here are some of the pix and captions of the event before it started..

My sister and i arrived at 7pm after returning from Bangsar to get the baloons and her bday cake in Taman Tun. We got her cake from a fren who bakes the best cakes and homemade. So sedaap..

We both set up the hall for the baloons and trying out the PA system. Also, checking on song choices sang by the 40 year old singer who looks like a Tina Turner twin with awful looking glittery outfit. Gladly, i didnt take her photo. Anyway, this is what the table arrangements looked like..

The sweets we serve...

The food arrangements...

The stage for performance, karaoke and whatever thingy...

And my major this fella here...who insist that i be with him all day long..

To be continued...when the party people arrives...*Part 2*