Friday, May 11, 2007

I Miss You..

I miss my mom & dad,

I miss her food and I feel sad,

I miss both of my borthers,

I miss them askin money and bothers,

I miss my lovely gorgeous sister,

I miss jakarta trips to see her,

I miss my all my frens,

I miss the time we're all scouting on men,

I miss my coffee sessions,

I miss all the city stress & tension.

I miss my shopping spree & dine,

I miss the time my credit card got declined,

I miss my clubbing with andre,

I miss the time waking up late next day,

I miss my conversations with Aziz,

I miss the time he made fun of my fetish,

I miss my housemate maddy,

I miss screaming him to get ready,

I miss my best buddy hedy,

I miss condeming his punctuality,

I miss my time with yusri,

I miss getting him to always agree,

I miss my chats with uda,

I miss sharing gossips with one another,

I miss fun moments with mone,

I miss talking bout fashion & bank loans,

I miss my moments with blair,

I miss insulting his unfortunate looking hair,

I miss my time with shamel,

I miss his charm & witt like hell,

I miss smoking with deeba,najib & aidit,

I miss their blogs, funny jokes & gigs,

I miss my best cousin elda,

I miss outings with her & testing our gaydar,

I miss the city, I miss the sun,

I miss everything & everyone,

Missing is painful, and to feel as such,

Without missing at all, I never thot they all meant so much…