Thursday, September 28, 2006

Abnormal Dating

I had a conversation with someone the other day about relationships..we discussed about how the dating game goes and what to expect from the person you're dating. Seriously, I've encounted many abnormality during dating.Thru my good and pathetic experience, the major problem that I've encountered are people who are just 'not normal'. My definition of normal here means someone who's just cool and relax while dating..Some people just need to relax. Those that I've dated are mostly so overwhelmed and behaving so insecure. Honestly! Its as if im going to leave him by the next minute or so. Its such a turn off for me and never will things work out. I believe some of you do experience such behaviour coming from others onto you. U feel like you're drowning in a sea full of too much attention. It happens most of the time.

Someone normal is somebody who would just be cool & breezy with things. Most importantly, he fells secure knowing that things will be fine, unless when things turn out bit rocky or there's a feeling that someone is about to interfere or trying to cross over his territory. In other words, feeling threatened. Then he'll take action and go all gaga…

THAT! Is acceptable attention…Not when things are ok, and you're just too eager and excited and gave up all your attention and left nothing for the other party to move or do anything for you..

Another fren did say to me.."Get someone who love's you more that you love him.." I don't know about the rest of you, but it just doesn't work with me. Is there such thing as equal love? Or the love equation is always heavier on one side?

If my fren is reading this now, I'm the one who would do the extra loving, not the one to be loved more..cause its not me. I can never handle some1 who loves me more than I love'll never work..for me..When that happens, both are eagerly to love each other more and more..When there's too much love around and no fights, it'll be too boring and you'll tend to go elsewhere to get a gulp of thrill..

Things in life are very complicated and makes u think a lot and try to adapt to changes. One thing for sure, on my part, getting to know someone normal is the most difficult task EVER..During pre relationship lah..u get to a person first kan? If you're facing so much difficulties there, the early stage to a dating game, when will you achieve a relationship?

Why is it hard to find NORMAL people? Why cant people just behave normal? Be cool? Be classy about things? And not taking dating as something that would end your WORLD if you don't make it there? JUST BE COOL PEOPLE!!

Also, action speaks louder than words..Say the word, i LOVE you? Means I'm "Letting Only Vocabs Enter" you..

Action wise would be, I'm "Listening Obediently Views Expressed" by you..That screams...L.O.V.E...without saying..

Where have all the NORMAL people go? They're either taken or just simply dead. I assume the world is left with abnormal people and im going to stay single for the rest of my pathetic life and getting old loving shoes forever.