Saturday, November 22, 2008

The New and Improved Ultimate About Me - Surveys

Name: Those who know wud know.
Date of Birth: November 1981
Birthplace: Kuala Lumpur
Current Location: Kuala Lumpur
Eye Color: Dark Brown
Hair Color: Black
Height: 178cm / 5'10inch
Heritage: Malay
Piercings: None
Tattoos: I like my, none.

Band/Singer: Nothin particular
Song: Nothin particular
Movie: Anything Horror or Bimbo genre
Disney Movie: Shrek
TV show: Will & Grace
Color: Black
Food: Chinese,Italian,Thai
Pizza topping: Lots of cheese
Ice-Cream Flavor: Rocky Road
Drink (alcoholic): Nope
Soda: Root Beer
Store: Pavilion
Clothing Brand: I swear by Zara/Massimo/FOS/Dude & The Duchess
Shoe Brand: Prada
Season: I like Sale season..haha
Month: I kinda like December
Holiday/Festival: Im not that festive
Flower: Lilies
Make-Up Item: I dont do make up
Board game: No interest

Sunny or rainy: Rainy
Chocolate or vanilla: Chocolate
Fruit or veggie: Fruit
Night or day: Nite
Sour or sweet: Sweet
Love or money: Both!
Phone or in person: Depends..
Looks or personality: Definitely personality!
Coffee or tea: Tea..doctors advice.
Hot or cold: Cold

Goal for this year: 2009: debt free
Most missed memory: Primary school
Best physical feature: Eyes & skin i guess..
First thought waking up: Weekend: what to clean?? Weekday: Am i sure that outfit is for today?
Hypothetical personality disorder: OCPD
Preferred type of plastic surgery: Larger smile, visible jaws, remove forehead lines, remove baby face fats.
Sesame street alter ego: Count Dracula
Fairytale alter ego: Cruella DeVille
Most stupid remark: When will u be on sale (at LV)
Worst crime: Scratched a persons car with my car keys
Greatest ambition: To have my own fashion magazine
Greatest fear: Annual price increase for luxury stuff
Darkest secret: It's called a secret rite? duhh..
Favorite subject: Additional Math
Strangest received gift: Condoms
Worst habit: Arranging stuff

Smoke: Yes..badly
Drink: Stopped
Curse: Nope unless im REALLY upset.
Shower daily: A must
Like thunderstorms: Nope
Dance in the rain: Not gonna wet my outfit
Sing: Sometimes..ALONE..god is fair.
Play an instrument: Yes..the ATM machine.
Get along with your parents: Yes..
Wish on stars: Nope..its crap.
Believe in fate: Definitely
Believe in love at first sight: Hmm..not really.

Drive: Yes
Sew: Of course
Cook: Survival Food
Speak another language: Bits here & there
Dance: Average nowadays..getting old.
Sing: Again, god is fair.
Touch your nose with your tongue: Nope
Whistle: Yup
Curl your tongue: Yup

Been Drunk: Yup..i would usually keep silent the whole time
Been Stoned/High: Nope..dont do drugs
Eaten Sushi: Yup..yummy
Been in Love: Yes..
Skipped school: Of course!
Made prank calls: Hahaha..who doesnt.
Sent someone a love letter: Yes..
Stolen something: Nope..
Cried yourself to sleep: Yes..

What annoys you most in a person? Too chatty & lack of common sense
Are you right or left handed? Right
What is your bedtime? Between 10.30pm-12am
Name three things you can't live without: Family, Money & Best Frens
What is the color of your room? Monochrome
Do you have any siblings? Yes..4 all together
Do you have any pets? Used to..a cat.
Would you kill someone you hate for a million dollars? Nope..for a billion yes.
What is you middle name? Ezwan
What are you nicknames? Not telling
Are you for or against gay marriage? Againts..jangan sampai nak beriya2 sangat can or not?
What are your thoughts on abortion? Morons
Do you have a crush on anyone? Yes..plenty
Are you afraid of the dark? Not really
How do you want to die? In my prayers
What is the largest amount of popsicles that you have eaten on one day? maybe 3?
Would you take a bullet for the one you love? Yes
What is the last law you’ve broken? Wore a t-shirt with a dress belt to go with my sorry.