Thursday, November 27, 2008

Birthday Survey

When is your birthday?
Today..November 28th.

Where will you be?
In Kuala Lumpur..

Do you a have birthday party?
Nope..maybe on my 30th birthday i might..

27 birthdays

A good quality white dress shirt that's not too thick nor too body visible material..probably from Thomas Pink.

What do you want from friends?
Things that i want..not they think i want or things that they want..again, things that I WANT.

What do you want from siblings?
Hmm..nothin..wishes wud do..

What have you been dying to own? Hermes bangle..a Samsung DVD HD player with external drive, a convertable car..a Louis Vuitton patent leather sneakers, and 4 pairs of perfectly tailored bespoke suits.

How much did you weigh?
70 pathetic kilos.

When you blow out your next candles... what will you wish for?
That i already own all the essential accessories to go with what ever outfit i have.

To be that i can rob shops and get to replenish my wardrobe whenever..

Usually, i prefer to be alone..but i know there are alot of frens who love me too much and bother me on the day every year..

Hmm..nothin much..spend time with my loved ones probably..i dunno what they have planned for me..which i hate.

Gifts that i dont use or dislike.. far it's been great..

Nope..i always give the best..something the person would want and decide to own..i dont do surprises..i believe in good purpose and usage.

My enemies..and people from PTPTN.

Hmmm..thats a hard one..previous years are alrite..this year, currently maybe the gorgeous Zara velvet jacket my best buddy got me..i picked it myself and reserved for him to pay..hehehe.. far my birthday's are just average..nothin outrageous.

It wasnt..get it..stop asking.

I would usually go out alone on the day and spend on something pricey or luxurious for myself..

Mariah Carey

Pay the maternity bills after & wishing i would turn out to be a good son & hoping i wouldn't finish all their money..which i am.

I cant remember..must be something average.

Gosh..hmm..i was still in uni at that time..maybe i was out with my frens..or probably out alone celebrating the day to myself..which i love. wud make my age perfectly fit..

My Mum & sister

An Hermes Birkin in all colors for both of them..crocodile leather..with solid gold trimmings.

The admin bitch at my workplace.

Thats simple..burn down the shop where she gets all her hideous blouses & skirts.