Tuesday, May 20, 2008

The Style Guy Q&A from GQ

Q: I wear a large Breitling watch. With a dress shirt, should i wear the cuff over the watch or pull the sleeve up my arm slightly to expose the watch?

A: I warned you guys about big watches. They look best when dressed in a polo shirt fighting a marlin or negotiating hairpin turns into a Lotus Elan with your cashmere sweater rolled up to your elbows. I know im not going to stop guys from wearing sport watches with suits, at least not yet, but big watches, unlike big feet, do not connote...you know, other 'bulges'.

My vote : No big watches with suits, unless you want to look like a rapper wannabe. Classic watches always best. A suit is already considered a 'huge' item on your body..why add on? It's not a balance.