Tuesday, May 6, 2008


The past few months, i had tremendous amount of work piled up on my table. Many reports to be done and i feel that my intelligence is used in full force. Previously my boss was the one who would edit my work and alter almost the entire reporting formats, but as what u read in my previous entries, she already left, and i have the sole power to decide what to write and incorporate for reporting.

Past few weeks, i've been having my lunch alone at Pavillion. I would head down to the bakery, and get myself a Sugar Stick bread and Curry Dozo Bun from Bread Talk. Im actually eating them while im typing this entry. Those who know me, would know that im not adventures when it comes to food..i would eat the same thing over and over again..everyday..im very loyal.

On my way there, i bump into R, the ex boyfren of my best fren, W. Think its been a year since we last met. He still looks the same. An attractive delicious looking fella. He told me that he reads my rubbish blog daily. Gawd..im honored yet embarassed..as i know that i write rubbish in here and posting fashion related stuff for men..well, this is me..

After getting my usuals at the bakery, i head back to the office. As i was walking with my mouth full with Sugar Stick bread, i bumped into this freaky LRT guy (thats what i call him) that used to stare at me in the LRT in the old days and giving me this disgusting flirting looks. BUMMER?! I walked pass him and tried not to stare at his face as its an unfortunate sight to look at. As i stepped on the escalator heading down to the street of Novotel Hotel, i turned my head to see if he's gone. At a glance, he was right BEHIND ME..what a bitch! &^%%&*&*($#@$@#$...

I walked and pretended he wasnt there..but i know he's following me. I was thinking probably he wants to know where my office is..he did the same thing when i traveled to work with LRT in the old days, where he would follow me up to Kg Baru, where i get down. But when i head out of the LRT station, i could see him heading towards the toilet. U may think that im making wrong judgements, but do you have to get down to Kg Baru LRT to go to the toilet EVERYTIME? I think he's trying to lure me with his unfortunate perverted looks that goes well with his unpolished disgusting looking shoes.

Back to the story, i walked faster than usual..and i could sense that he's still behind me..when i turned to look, HE WAS! And he was pretending to look down and walking casually. What a crazy asshole..

Before entering my office, suddenly my intelligent brain cells starts to function. Why not have a smoke and sit on the planter box. That would give me a valid reason to stay put and watch people around. That would so do it! So i did..With a smoke in my hand, i turned to look.

GOTCHA! He turned back and walk back towards Pavillion. Isn't he a freak?? I didnt even blink my eyes when i watched him walking back, and when he entered a corner, i saw him turned his face and looked at me. I wanted to give him a middle finger, but i didnt..my smoke was finished, and then i head back into the building..looking around thinking probably he would still be around..but he wouldnt have all the time in the world to hunt me that long.

Well, that was the experience of the day..a physcho ugly guy who tries to follow me from behind..as what he did when i was taking the LRT..Its not something to be proud off, its dangerous..what if he has some sharp object with him? The only weapon i have with me is my lighter. Oh, and my belt..But my belt is too precious to act as a weapon. I dont want it to get spoiled.

He can have that fatal attraction towards me if he wants to..but its gonna be fatal to him if he does it again in this manner..Lets just wish he wont be around tomorrow when i go to my bakery to get lunch..should i bring pepperspray? Or just bawak satu tin Ridsect? Sisshh..