Tuesday, April 13, 2010

The Shirt and Tie Guide

Tone down bold color with a simple dark tie.
But bring a little confidence to the table, and wear it with a solid navy or gray suit or sports jacket. It wont look busy if you have a jacket on.
Again, the tie quiets the color of the shirt. Only one element of your shirt-and-tie combo should really pop—you don't want to be too over-the-top.
Another example of bold color with a dark, simple tie. A younger, more casual look than the bright-pink Polo combo we saw earlier.
Younger, hipper, slimmer—an edgy twist on a classic combination. Wear it with a skinny suit, or alone with a pair of jeans.
A more playful, casual combination. Unbutton the neck, loosen the tie, roll up the sleeves—and try pairing it with dark jeans and desert boots.
Some checked shirts aren't dressy, but because this one has a spread collar and French cuffs, it looks sharp with this more conservative pin-dot tie. Wear it with a navy or gray suit and start racking up the compliments.
Bright color isn't for everyone, but if you're up for it, keep the look simple with a dark tie. This combo would be a home run with a dark suit.
I like this juxtaposition of a dressier tie with a plaid shirt. It would work well with a solid-color suit, but also with a tweed or corduroy sports jacket.
This is for a more adventurous guy. The plaid knit tie is unusual, but looks fantastic with this striped shirt. A sharp look for the holidays.
There's nothing more chic and timeless than a solid silk-knit tie. You always see them on well-dressed men. I love it with this English checked shirt.

A guy doesn't need a lot of club (i.e., round) collars, but this classic tattersall patterned shirt looks perfect with one. The bold striped tie balances the shirt—it's pattern mixing done right.

Across the board here, the ties are always darker than the shirts. It's a fail-safe rule for dressing. Remember it when in doubt about pattern mixing.

This is a well-balanced combination that looks great with just about anything, from dark suits to dark jeans. The stripes play off each other perfectly.

A wool plaid tie is one of our must-haves of the season. This combo is a little more casual; it would look sharp with jeans and a V-neck or cardigan sweater.

A classic pencil-stripe shirt punched up with a bold, horizontal-striped tie. Dress this look up or down.

Don't be afraid to rock this combination. The tie tones down the shirt. I'd love this with a navy blazer or a gray flannel suit—or it could stand alone with a pair of slim khaki pants.

Think of a pale gray shirt as a 'new neutral'—not blue or white, but a kindred spirit that goes with everything. And again, a wool plaid tie—we love them this season, and they're available everywhere, at all price points.

This is the new 'extra-slim' cut shirt from Brooks Brothers. A very cool, preppy look. Again, notice how the stripes play so well off each other.

What's more tasteful than a khaki-and-white dress shirt? I love this combo—paired with a gray or navy suit, it makes such a classic statement.

- All source from GQ. Dress Sharp, Live Smart people.