Tuesday, April 28, 2009

What's Right and What's Wrong?

Have you ever wondered what is actually right and what is actually wrong for you? U can get others to advice and give a point of thought to you, but at the end of the day, its your choice..make it lifestyle choices, or anything a all..the whole universe..whatever that makes you happy..

These all comes through judgment. We all tend to judge something that's not within our norm or practice. In simpler terms, we just dont find something right if we ourselves dont do it. Be it smoking, alcohol, sex, fashion, taste or totally anything at all.

Different people have different perspective on things, and not all human process the same thought. There's a quote i read and heard before saying "Great minds think alike"...is this true?

The question now is, what is actually right and what is actually wrong then? Are we all living on luck? Who decides its best to proceed with action A and not action B? We are not gods.I believe there are ways and actions that lead to success, but i dont think it applies to every human individual. There are others that may require other means to achieve something in a correct manner, but others may find it awfully wrong to practice such actions or behaviour.

When this happens, that's where our brains would start to judge. It is because something has happened not within the nature of our daily lives or something that we may despise of practicing, and we think its all wrong, but the practitoner of the method or action think its all right. He may have his followers who think its ok to do such things, so does the judger.

What is the right thing to do and live and what is the wrong way to do things and live? It can be explained in a million ways if we start to discuss just 1 topic. Because at the end of the day, its about application..of how we live and run our daily lives.

Think about it..the answer lies in all of us..but whatever u thought is neither right nor wrong..not all of us have the same answer to it..that makes us al human and special individually..

and final..dont judge others..