Monday, January 5, 2009

Innovate Your Wadrobe

As we all know, that the entire world is facing a tremendous economic downturn at the moment. Malaysia has yet to experience what other countries are facing, but bare in mind that its on its way to hit us. More shops loose business, and retail are slashing their prices in order to promote people to spend more money, when in fact we should be saving our cash.

I on the other hand am doing my part to save cash and just live with what i have at the moment. I do believe that some of us may already gone bored with what we have in our closet. But there are ways to innovate & improvise what you already own and turn it into something new, without loosing hundreds or thousands of Ringgit. Here's a caption of what i did to mine..

I owned this pair of shoe for almost 3 years now, and trust me i only wore it probably less than 5 times. The suede is fantastic with the camel color but it's kinda hard to match with most outfits that i own. So...with my urge to splurge on a new pair of suede tassels, i opt to change the color by dying the shoe to a another color.

A whole new shoe for me..just head down to any shoe cobbler and grab yourself a shoe dye and start painting them carefully. Read the instruction manuals correctly before proceed to paint. Dont worry, the color wont run off.

If you're tired with your shirts and wish to own a new one, simply change the way your shirt looked before by improvising. You can change a long sleeve shirt into a short sleeve shirt, and also change the buttons of your shirts. There are thousands of button styles out there and trust me, you can do wonders by entirely change your old shirt into a new one, by just switching button styles.

Another method that you can opt is also by sending your old shirts or trousers to a good tailor. If its a normal fit shirt, u can get it fitted. I've done this tonnes of times, but u may require a good tailor to do this for you. Try to find a good one and stick to him as he may know your body measurements.

Good luck and save for the year..