Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Birthday 2008 - Part 4

Thank you for the double ply white french cuffed shirt. It is awesome (i hand picked em myself..hehehe). Fabulous material, great fit & cut. Every man should own a superb quality white shirt in the closet. It goes well with anything u wear. Be it formal with a tie, of just plain with slacks or khakis. If the cut & fit is good, you'll look like a million bucks.

As i was touring all around KL from the low to high end shops, i discovered that its such a challenge to get a good plain white shirt. Some shirts look very flimsy and its not well structured at all..even coming from a high end shop. Details i look at is a high collar, hard collar, double ply fabric, (so that its not that transparent and ppl cud see your nipples from a mile away) no pocket, slim fit, tapered if possible, and length of sleeves.

I would advise you to probably a spend a little extra for this white shirt. You may own just one or two. Its a good investment, it long lasting if u get the good ones and wash it accordingly and may be worn for a long period of time, as its a classic piece that can go with anything u own. My recommendations for any of you who wants to get a good white shirt. Please visit these great shops that will offer you the greatest quality, cut and fit:

Thomas Pink
(price range from RM600 - RM1,000. They have good fabrics, but i dont like their fit)

Hugo Boss
(price range from RM590 - RM990. They have fantastic materials & fit)

(price range from RM169 - RM229. They have one of the best cuts & fit. Fabric wise, averagely alrite. Ensure you purchase those of made in Portugal or Spain. Those of made in China or Taiwan or Vietnam has poor quality fabrics)

(price range from RM229 - RM339. They have good fabrics but average in cuts & fit)

Anyway, thank you for the shirt..i appreciate it.. =)