Thursday, October 23, 2008

New Smile

Had my wisdom tooth removed last weekend and it was the most painful thing that had ever happened in my life. When the dentist needled my gums with the pain killer or god knows what substance, im not ashamed to say that i CRIED. It was so painful..SERIOUSLY. The pain felt like a person poking a hot rod onto a broken, u can imagine what i experience and never will i ever go back to the dentist for surgery except for my usual scaling.

I also had the opportunity to get some work done to my teeth. I've been thinking about it for so long and at the end i did it. I scrapped of my fangs, to make my teeth aligned with the rest. U know, like the Hollywood celebrities teeth, except theirs are fake teeth. Mine are still god given, except the fact that i get some of it scrapped off to make it look even and not dracula like.

The doctor didnt advise this procedure to be performed, as it may involve permanent tingling and uncomfort of your tooth. Coz ur teeth are sensitive and especially if it hits your nerves. But because my fangs aren't that long, he seems ok with it..I behold the before and after pix of my so called cosmetic surgery...

Before *my straight but uneven set of teeth*

After *My fangs are scrapped off. 2 from top row and 2 from bottom*

Im happy with the results..after going thru that wisdom tooth removal and my mouth was all bloody and the painful procedure to get it removed. Im still getting used to it my tounge isnt used to the idea that my fangs dont longer exist. and my wisdom tooth has been demolished from its coordinate. But im all happy with my teeth..yippie!